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Welcome to the Ducati 900 Superlight register. The purpose of the website is really a bit of fun and have a register of superlights around the world from an interest point of view. I hope you like the website. If you would like your Superlight featured on these pages please contact me using the contact feature and send a photo of your bike with a legible photo of the numbered plaque along with your name location and a brief description of the bike and any modifications made.
It would be nice to feature as many superlights as possible on one website.

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Thank you for visiting the site.
Steve Birchenall.

A Brief History of The Superlight

A brief history of the Superlight.

In 1992 Ducati unveiled the limited edition 900 Superlight following the success on the 1991 Supersport. The chassis and engine were from the 1992 Supersport but there were a few details that set the Superlight apart.These included a vented clutch cover, fully floating cast-iron front disc brakes, and larger diameter exhaust silencers (from the 888 SP4).

Each Superlight came with carbon fibre front mudguard & rear hugger, solo seat unit and a numbered plaque on the top triple clamp. This model in now commonly known as the MK1. 1992 models featured lightweight 17 inch Marvic/Akront composite wheels. Following on the from the success of the 1992 version, the Superlight specification was downgraded for 1993 which increased the weight of the bike (known as the MK II). The wheels were regular Brembo and the front discs were now stainless steel. The vented clutch cover disappeared.

The 1993 Superlights still came with the numbered plaque on the triple clamp. For 1994 the Superlight(MKIII) was upgraded with a return of the cast-iron disc brakes, upgraded front forks and a stronger aluminium swingarm along with other general differences that were shared with the standard 900ss. Only minor detail changes were made on the Superlight (MKIV) for 1995 and the Superlight (MKV) for 1996.

With the release of the new Supersport imminent , a Final Edition was offered in 1998. It was silver in colour with black wheels with much of the specifications the same as the earlier Superlight. All the of the FE's came with a numbered plaque.
Production figures for the superlight:

Mk1 952
Mk 11 755
Mk 111 756
Mk 1V 850
Mk V 309
Final Edition 800

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